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Carte de l'hôtel

Plan de l'hotel
Shanxi Hotel (Shanxi Grand Hotel Taiyuan), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.L 'hôtel est à 3 km de la gare et à 25 km de l' aéroport de Wusu.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Chambre confortable et confortable, facile et élégant, bien équipé et pleinement fonctionnel.Chambre spéciale pour les visiteurs équipés d 'un accès haut débit à large bande à l' Internet et à cristaux liquides ordinateur de bureau, système international de télévision par satellite.Avec un haut niveau de style commercial étage, sans fumée, en particulier pour fournir un Purificateur D 'air, le goudron de cigarette efficace purificateur, vous permet de vivre confortablement et en bonne santé.
les centres d 'affaires de pointe ont fourni des services de photocopie, de dactylographie, de télécopie et de secrétariat aux invités d' affaires.Les salles de conférence polyvalentes sont le lieu idéal pour tenir des réunions et des festivals de grande envergure.Les restaurants chinois et occidentaux de toutes sortes, les bars d 'Europe et d' Amérique modernes sont les meilleurs endroits où vous profitez de la renommée mondiale, des plats nationaux et des caractéristiques locales.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Les hôtels sont adjacents à des services administratifs tels que le Conseil provincial du Shanxi, l 'Assemblée populaire provinciale, le Département des finances provinciales, le Département du commerce, le Bureau provincial de la vérification des comptes, le Bureau provincial de la science et de la technologie, le Département des transports et de la télévision provinciales, ainsi qu' à des institutions financières telles que la Banque de Chine, la Banque de développement, la Banque de Guangda, la Banque industrielle et commerciale, la Banque de commerce et d 'industrie, situées dans la partie centrale de Longcheng.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.
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Hôtel FAQ
  • Cet hôtel est de Taiyuan Airport Quelle est sa distance?

    Shanxi Hotel est à 13.4km de l'aéroport.

  • Shanxi Hotel propose-t-il un service de navette?

    Oui, veuillez nous contacter après la réservation.

  • Quels sont les horaires d'arrivée et de départ à Shanxi Hotel ?

    L'enregistrement s'effectue à partir de 10:00 et le départ jusqu'à 12:00 à Shanxi Hotel.

  • L'établissement Shanxi Hotel dispose-t-il d'une piscine et d'une salle de fitness?

    Oui, l'hôtel dispose d'une piscine et d'une salle de sport. Voir plus de détails.

  • L'établissement Shanxi Hotel dispose-t-il un restaurant sur place ?

    Oui, vous pouvez manger à l'hôtel.

  • Shanxi Hotel dispose-t-il d'une connexion haut débit ou Wifi?

    Oui, veuillez contacter la réception de l'hôtel pour plus de détails.

  • Shanxi Hotel accepte-t-il le prépaiement?

    Acceptez, veuillez soumettre votre commande avant de nous contacter.

  • Shanxi Hotel accepte-t-il les cartes de crédit?

    Non, l'hôtel n'accepte pas les cartes de crédit.

  • Combien coûte le petit déjeuner de Shanxi Hotel?

    Petit déjeuner CNY68 / personne.

  • Quel est le tarif d'un séjour à l'établissement Shanxi Hotel?

    Les tarifs commencent à partir de CNY299, selon le type de chambre et la date.

Commentaires Plus
  • jasonli715
    Very old, but later, instead of Porter at the gate, but quite a bunch of people on the steps, feeling very bad! is going not to go to the hotel.
  • e00153550
    Nice hotel, breakfast average. room facility slightly old. service in Taiyuan is very good, and very close to work place. front desk is very friendly.
  • a4310818
    Hotels are nice, warm service, transportation, room is clean, would consider staying again.
  • dingxiang1
    Hotel location is very good, facilities. kids like ... don't know if it's the national day of reason, feeling very general.
  • dlerica
    Well, have stayed several times, not easy to find the right hotel, Taiyuan
  • balcong
    Temporary hotel was good, a government guest house feeling!
  • libiya
    Old four star, needs renovation. Nice.
  • llm066
    Hotel renovated greatly improved than before, added a non-smoking floor, but this time was full, I haven't been able to stay smoke-free rooms and hope to have the opportunity to experience!
  • xincnoec
    Good location, health clean, facilities good and good services
  • mrwangyuan
    Good service, very good facilities
  • sduweiwei
    Are also good
  • n6n6n6
    A little old, small, good, high price
  • e01718885
    Hotel was very comfortable, the traffic is very convenient. and reasonable price, excellent cost performance.
  • sissi^.^
    Very good, recommended
  • linxue0338
    If a family holiday, the price a little expensive, others can also, is the room too few outlets, unable to charge a cell phone
  • calboy
    Specified hotel, condition is good. good. the designated hotel, condition is good. good. the designated hotel, condition is good ... pretty good.
  • rosegun
    Good location, good hotel service, was the bathroom was a little small
  • sunjiye0415
    All right
  • jjiang
    Room clean, good attitude, bedding clean.
  • Cindy_liu81
    Location in the Centre, room types and decoration are older, but see early decoration is more solid and of high quality. water is very good. There are two shortcomings; 1, activities room chair legs, 2, toilet is a little high, feet not to sit on the ground (I also not too short). Price is on the high, suitable for business travel.
  • E04033156
    All right
  • raywong1988
    Hotel location is very good, more convenient transportation, admission to the customer care, oh great fruit gift. However may have hotel business for a long time, facilities a bit old and room bed is soft, I don't much like. reception staff attitude is the best hotel I lived in Taiyuan, feel very comfortable.
  • Allen Tsau
    Old, poor soundproof
  • e01966249
    After go live of good service, have the opportunity to feel!
  • baobaolin
    Good, cost-effective.
  • lindaliu215
    Feel good
  • e00145188
    Well worth staying. health conditions of comfort is good. high praise.
  • e00121890
    Very nice decorated old, but the overall feel is very comfortable ... breakfast was good, but relatively large percentage of West point, relatively few Chinese-style breakfast
  • cncoldsir
    Old 4-star room prices, great service
  • annielllll
    Hotel location in the city centre on the edge of yingze Avenue, better facilities, and clean, buffet variety is more recommended. Taiyuan now than a decade ago has made a lot of progress, is that air is bad.
  • mos148
    Price may be an old hotel, good service, decoration also renovated, very comfortable, convenient, room supplies very first-class. very comfortable bed, pillow a soft and a hard but very intimate ... unique is what shopping relies more on the hotel, going out from a little farther outside.
  • a6208
    Service order processing time, attitude and service quality is good!
  • xiaotaiyang1
    Very good hotel ... service specifications, considerate, warm, easy, for there to be lived
  • E00107635
    It's OK.
  • jb1218
    Room was good, travel accommodation, food is not very good, meals
  • carolmeow
    Easy and cheap travel well
  • e00120427
    Pretty good.
  • EllenLu
    Family and friends come with, environment is very good, location was good, the food is great
  • lst51888
    A good environment, special room is a little small
  • yaoxingjian
    Very general, there is nothing to recommend
  • fivefly520
    Hotel location, room is a little weak, but overall was OK. every election.
  • david178
    Clean and tidy, facilities everything!
  • bibicom
    All right
  • bestcc317
    Good health, service up to 5-star location, room facilities on the whole well. shortcomings are; room bed is too small and bathroom toilet is too high, I the 1.8-meter of people are hard to sit. overall assessment 9.
  • xiaoann1983
    All right
  • dongdong53
    A little old, overall very good
  • e05280567
    Facilities of the hotel is too old, face pool water circulation is impeded, the shower is also the same problem, brings to stay unhappy shadow.
  • nicou
    High performance-price ratio
  • Dino909
    Starting from 15 years ago, has rooms at the Shanxi Grand Hotel, Grand Hotel Taiyuan lived in every time you come, because the temperature is a comfortable hotel, although it is an old hotel health facilities are always clean and intact, and good food in the restaurant, the service is good.