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Shanxi Grand Hotel Taiyuan is located at the intersection of the main road Yingze Avenue and Xinjian South Road in Taiyuan City. It is in the center of Xiongcheng City, with convenient transportation and excellent location. The hotel is 3 kilometers from the railway station and 25 kilometers from Wusu Airport.
The hotel has 167 sets of guest rooms, including different types of rooms including Superior King Room, Business Standard Room, Executive Suite, and Deluxe Suite to meet your various needs. The rooms are warm and comfortable, convenient and quiet, with advanced equipment and complete functions. Guest rooms are specially equipped with high-speed broadband Internet ports, LCD desktop computers, and international satellite TV viewing systems. The business floors and non-smoking floors with high-end styles are specially provided with air purifiers and high-efficiency purifiers for cigarette tar, so that you can live comfortably and healthily.
Advanced equipment business center provides copying, typing, fax and secretarial services for business guests.
The conference room with various specifications is an ideal place for holding various conferences and large banquets.
All kinds of private rooms in Chinese and Western restaurants, with modern European and American style bars, are the best place for you to enjoy world famous food, domestic cuisine and local characteristics.
The hotel's recreation center is equipped with comprehensive fitness and leisure facilities; the table tennis club is a good place for you to relax, relax and keep fit.
The hotel is adjacent to the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Congress, the Provincial Finance Department, the Provincial Commerce Department, the Provincial Audit Office, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Communications Department, the Provincial Radio and Television Station, and other administrative institutions. China Merchants Bank and other financial institutions are located in the core area of Longcheng government affairs and finance.
SShanxi Grand Hotel Taiyuan will combine the aura and longevity of Longcheng, with the meticulous and thoughtful service to you, and welcome the guests from all corners of the world with cultural ideas and special services!
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  • damaodagou
    The best advantage of hotel was great, very wide never depressed. but the device will be a little older. but the Shanxi Grand Hotel cleaning service did a good job, so while aging facilities but the cleanliness was top notch.
    Hotel location is near from the business units, will be outdated facilities, bed not very comfortable, room was small.
  • vitore
    Environment, a service line, is the meal or service charge is a bit bad '
  • nolanbell
    Also, affordable
    Nice old hotel
  • e01128110
    Service is better, conditions are better, handle more quickly
  • wyw9868
    Very clean and comfortable! reasonable price!
  • dasiry
    Front desk some unreasonable attitude ... ...! 926948
  • maynot
    Hotel in Nice is also very quiet, facilities somewhat aging, compared with satisfaction.
  • alrrn
    Location is good, if Jin CI entrance to bus directly to. breakfast time management will focus on its ambition, hope to increase in the future. also, hotel parking lot I do not know why our hotel charges, some puzzling ... ...
  • Ansen0
    More convenient, other General
  • lcpippo
    Come here to meet her friend at the end of stay, mostly feel good hotel, quiet and comfortable, suitable for leisure travel. breakfast time, suitable for early friends, also sleeping partners, hoteliers ' thoughtful, worthy of praise, while convenient, especially there is a spacious car park, nice!
  • nc-Fiona
    Overall good hotel outlet doesn't work
  • lindalemon
    I went to Taiyuan City several times, were staying at the hotel, convenient. breakfast is also good. is the first floor of the Western food is a little expensive, less value.
  • fordemann
    Service is very good, breakfast also good. Unfortunately, fewer opportunities to live
  • george858
    Well, the next time you stay
  • medisi
    Convenient, clean, recommended!
  • ainenine5524
    Is a little old, but the service is very good. especially bed, first-class. pool was small, but adequate. Nice. as the meeting location in diagonal, so very convenient. Brush wild card is the most important. it's really thanks a lot.
  • george3823
    Second stay, service was good, pool exercise, Yes.
  • eddiema
    Hotel service was very good, patient, thoughtful, traffic facilities, Shanxi Grand Hotel of choice in the future.
  • someman
    Facilities for older
  • bonly
    Hotel aging, conditions General, known as four star, actually only equivalent to three star, self breakfast varieties make less, Friday self dinner varieties also make less, and price is expensive, on stay guest no what offers. room in of computer was is device, fundamental cannot Internet, hotel about staff continuous into room 3 times (including replacement host) also solution can't problem, key is computer (Lenovo) too old has. hotel should replaced computer has.
  • EllenLu
    Family and friends come with, environment is very good, location was good, the food is great
  • justina1314
    It wasn't too bad
  • fang56
    Pretty good, service very good. very friendly.
  • anderdon
    Good location, but rooms in the North very cold, open heater.
  • celiamao
    Old hotel, nice
  • cali1979
    Breakfast is great?
  • flora851211
    General hotel facilities and service, the second floor is very delicious
  • jingxuwu
    Recommended stay
  • sunjiye0415
    All right
  • e00986779
    Make do
  • e01077572
    Not bad
  • applestwo
    A very good environment. facilities fully equipped. very satisfied
  • sunlan1983
    Old five-star appearance, management is very good, location is fit for service at the front desk, will take the initiative to introduce dinner location nearby. is ideal for a business trip, my old alien, foreigner thought this old five-star do this really is not simple.
  • dflove
    Hotel industry leaders, facilities not up to date, the service is the best. for customers, based on mutual trust, hotel room card in advance, to the hotel without charge, directly settled. hotel rooms are clean and bright. waiter to guest preferences to greater attention.
  • Teresa7837
    Is an old hotel, good management, good service, convenient dining, commercial centre, and convenient transportation.
  • jimaolx
    High cost performance
  • sjj405427
    Hotel is an old hotel, room was small, antiquated facilities, location is good.
  • frasn
    It's OK
  • cuili_box
  • Dolin
    That's good!
  • wayneguo
    Like it here, although there are several good hotels in Taiyuan, but I like it here, warm feeling, I am nostalgic person
  • enbear
    Convenient snacks around a lot, and fenhe River very close to the Park, the rooms are clean, recommended!
  • aaaddddd
    Room stinks, lived very well, is too old
  • mos148
    Price may be an old hotel, good service, decoration also renovated, very comfortable, convenient, room supplies very first-class. very comfortable bed, pillow a soft and a hard but very intimate ... unique is what shopping relies more on the hotel, going out from a little farther outside.
  • tobypapa
    Old brand of hotels, are pretty good.
  • miningant
    General line at the hotel, the price is a high, small bed.
  • Conanl
    Hotel room is a bit small, price is too expensive, too little breakfast, next to hotel construction, a bit noisy
  • Evan.J
    All right